Living in a village with all facilities nearby

The village Son en Breugel is adjoining the north eastern part of Eindhoven. “Quality of life”, that is the keyword in Son en Breugel! A safe yet lively environment situated in and along the “green lungs” of the Eindhoven region. Supplying the needs of this ánd the future generation.

The attractive center of Son en Breugel will offer you a lot of shops and it also offers a large variety of coffee houses, lunchrooms and restaurants. On Thursday you can visit the local week market.
Ekkersrijt is a very lively area which attracts people from all over the region to  IKEA, Media Markt, many shops selling furniture and fast food restaurants. In only a quarter of an hour by car, you can shop and dine in the center of Eindhoven.

Nonworking time
In your nonworking time you can make your choice in a large variety of clubs. For puroposes of sports there are lots of grounds and several sports halls: for example to play cricket, golf, tennis, hockey, soccer, ballgames and many more. For purposes of music Son en Breugel can offer you al lot of clubs and locations for playing music and singing. And when you just want to relax, you can visit Thermae Son!

Along the way and in the air

In a few minutes you drive up the highway A50 either in the direction of Nijmegen or in the direction of Eindhoven. Driving in the direction of Eindhoven, this highway connects to a lot of other highways for example in the direction of Amsterdam, Maastricht, Venlo, Tilburg and Breda.

The central station in Eindhoven offering buslines and transportation by train, is only a quarter of an hour driving by car.

Also in a quarter of an hour you drive to Eindhoven Airport. This airport offers a lot of (business) flights across Europe.

Son en Breugel has a large variety in primary schools. The international school is located in Eindhoven, approximately 10 minutes driving by car. Secundary education and universities are located in Eindhoven.


Living in the park: Sonniuspark
Sonniuspark is  a new development offering houses for rent and for sale, located in a beautiful, spaciously set up environment. In the centre of the park there is a pond,  which you can walk around. In the whole park there are many paths surrounded by trees and plants to enjoy nature next to your home.

Variety in houses
There are different areas in Sonniuspark: De Bosrand, Rooijseweg, Bijenlaan, De Brink and  De Hoven, offering both new developments and also available houses for sale and for rent.

De Bosrand
A large area situated on the west and north of te pond, adjoining the green zone. Here you can buy a parcel on which you can build a house yourself. In the main menu of you click on “Zelfbouw”.
A link to Funda is found there; it shows the status of the parcels and the prices.

This is the eastern part of the area Sonniuspark. Here you can buy a house in the project “Son aan de Dommel”, initiated by Heijmans. It mainly offers durable detached and semi-detached houses for sale. In the northern area there is a small  apartment building “Sonse Donk” which offers rental apartments for young people.

A lively area as it is adjoining the sports ground and the primary school of Sonniuspark is located here. In the more quiet, western part of it, you can buy a house in the project “Sonse Hout”. This project mainly offers detached and semi-detached houses, but also townhouses for sale.

De Brink
The most southern area of Sonniuspark offering townhouses and semi-detached houses in affordable price classes for sale. 

De Hoven
Situated at the eastern side of the pond, you can find available townhouses for rent and for sale. 

*More information

When you consider buying a house, you can make an appointment to get more information.

For more information concerning Sonniuspark please contact Ingrid Graff, city council Son en Breugel.

T: 0499-491509/06-46566206 or email :